Unfortunately, there are just some answers you'll never find using a Google search....
  1. Why it's not sanitary to wear finger puppets while you're using the bathroom
  2. That ending each sentence with "boom, that's comedy!" does not make what you just said socially exceptable
  3. The reasons why my daughter shouldn't dance "like that" at the school variety show because it's actually a stripper dance without having to explain what a stripper is (think dance from Little Miss Sunshine meets Flash Dance meets Show Girls)
    Oy vey
  4. Defining drunk but it's okay Mommy just had two glasses of red wine
  5. Why red wine is equivalent to exercising for an hour
  6. Why Daddy does CrossFit even though it gives him boo boos
  7. How a hot dog is made
    I'd rather explain how babies are made
  8. And per title, what MTV is... And then what a music video is and then what reality TV is and then but why does MTV not show music videos any more...