My favorites

  1. Favorite First Lady: Michelle Obama
    Heck, she's my favorite lady, period.
  2. Favorite Type of Battery: 9 Volt
    Everyone should have at least 10 in their home at all times. Our smoke alarm always tends to have a dead battery around 2 AM and I'm always so grateful to have a 9 V handy.
  3. Favorite Flavor of LaCroix: Pamplemousse
    It's also the most fun to say.
  4. Favorite Beasties Boys Album: Paul's Boutique
    The Root Down EP close second
  5. Favorite Celebrity Best Friends: Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner
    Can I get in on that hug?
  6. Favorite Non-curse word Curse Words: Shut the Front Door
  7. Favorite Cup-holder in My Minivan: Don't make me choose. But it's next to my favorite child.