1. I'm a mom
  2. I'm a working mother
  3. I'm a stay at homer
  4. I'm a stand-up comedian
  5. I'm a gatherer of information
  6. I'm a cultural southern Jew
  7. I'm a do as you choose
  8. I'm a baker
  9. I'm a rapper
  10. I'm bad at wrapping the gift paper
  11. I'm a voice amplifier
  12. I'm a rogue rhymer
  13. I'm a booty shaker
  14. I'm an Ikea code breaker
  15. I'm confident
  16. I'm inclined to give out compliments
  17. I'm least likely to be superstitious
  18. I'm a Guinea pig lover
  19. I'm certain they're quite auspicious
  20. I'm not a clothing shopper
  21. I'm a prejudice stopper
  22. I'm often saying things that are a bit improper
  23. I'm a wine drinker
  24. I'm an over thinker
  25. I'm a homebody
  26. I'm like no one else but also just somebody
  27. I'm the woman who plays fair game
  28. I'm the girl with a name on her own timetable
  29. I am no label