I was a teenager when I wrote the list of all the things I wanted in the perfect guy. Honestly, I didn't think he actually existed, but thought if I at least wrote a list about him that maybe he would magically appear. Eventually he did. He's everything on this list and then a bunch of other wonderful things I could've never thought to list.
  1. Visual proof
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  2. Jewish man
  3. Sexually attractive
  4. Humorous ( doesn't make fun of people)
  5. Reliable
  6. Kid like (playgrounds, imagination and such)
  7. Will dance (doesn't have to like it)
  8. Generous
  9. Commonsense
  10. Smart
  11. Doesn't smoke or will stop
  12. Open-minded
  13. Likes to hug
  14. Thoughtful
  15. Nice
  16. Selfless
  17. Gentlemanly
  18. Confidence
  19. Makes me smile
  20. Little bit of rebelliousness
  21. Initiates things
  22. Spontaneous
  23. Creative
  24. Good with kids
  25. Silly
  26. Weird
  27. Healthy looking (doesn't have to work out)
  28. Likes to snuggle/lovable (not too touchy-feely though)
  29. Not way too perverted (too much is annoying)
  30. Adventurous
  31. Takes care of me, but will let me take care of him
  32. Thanks my brown eyes are neato
  33. Sticks up for what he believes in
  34. Sticks up for others when they are being talked down to
  35. Does things for me (little things like buying a frosty or making a ring out of tinfoil)
  36. Doesn't care if I have a zit or whatever
  37. Worries about me
  38. Scratch his back's, hand massages, feet are optional (I wouldn't touch these)
  39. Likes chia pets and doesn't hate the Beastie Boys
    This would later be redefined as must love the Beastie Boys
  40. Good influence on me