Origami Li.stBot Y'all: The Atlanta Visit Day 1

  1. TBH @listbot arrived about a week ago but we were out of town on spring break. He may have been a little annoyed he had to wait so long for me to come back home and may have let out all his anger by destroying a major highway. But that's just a conspiracy theory.
  2. He arrived very well-packaged.
  3. With a special note from @andersun
  4. Plus his own luggage
  5. And baseball cards of the "Atlanta" Braves (they've moved to not-Atlanta aka OTP [outside the perimeter])
  6. I checked ListBot into our special AirBNB for tiny origami robots from France. Tinier Homes are the new Tiny Homes.
  7. Because he will be with us for Passover for Sedar, I provided a little sampler of matzo.
  8. This didn't sit well in his origami robot tummy so I showed him the bathroom.
  9. I think the pollen count is driving him a bit crazy so he's sleeping now after chugging some Benadryl. Stay tuned for more adventures from ListBot in the ATL!