1. Fishy America Dooky DooDoo IV: Great sense of confidence. Thought he could fly. Alas... Ended up being more like Cirque de See Ya Later.
  2. Dooky DooDoo II: Great at impressions. In particular doing a fantastic job at pretending to be Dooky DooDoo The Original.
  3. Nemo Fishstick: Astounding survival skills from The Great Fish Tank Fall of 2009. Died a month later from fear after name shortened to just Fishstick.
  4. Princess: The fish that would never freaking die and was apparently extremely self-sufficient during our week long vacations. Eventually she died of old age.
  5. The Tank of the Unknown Betta: Poor guy didn't make it passed the cash register and met his demise on the floor of a Petco.