Our Visit to the Jewish Old Age Home

  1. Yesterday I took Oscar, Ruby, Milton and Murray to a local Jewish old age home. No, they are not my grandparents… They are my children.
    Except Milton. He's Oscar's stuffed orangutan (named after my dad).
  2. I remember when I was young, I was afraid of older people and have been struck by my children's desire to be with and comfortableness around the 80+ crowd.
  3. But sometimes they say the wrong thing at the wrong time. You know, stuff like "you'll probably die soon, you are so old."
  4. During our commute to the old age home I took that opportunity to give them the lowdown on what an assisted living center is as well as what not to say.
  5. Oscar quickly grasped where we were going. "Just like where Grandpa Simpson lives."
  6. The woman in charge of volunteers also explained how they take care of older people at the center. Murray's response, "Just like on the ship in Wall-E."
  7. We played bingo with everyone. Ruby brought nail polish in hopes someone would want her to paint their nails.
  8. Murray befriended Sylvia who is 102.
  9. The best part is they want to go back and hang with their new friends... Especially Murray who burst into tears when we left saying he missed Sylvia already.
  10. Fingers crossed Sylvia sticks around until we can get back there for the next BINGO game.