1. When I was eight, I used to call our local radio station in Birmingham, Alabama called I 95 every morning before school to talk to the DJs, Mark and Brian.
  2. This is Mark & Brian
  3. I'd tell them jokes. My parents would often get calls saying, "I heard Amanda on the radio."
  4. The highlight of my adolescence was when my mom booked them to DJ my brother's bar mitzvah party.
  5. I made sure to watch Solid Gold to acquire new dance moves. I danced in front of their DJ table. They said "nice moves." I know. I replied.
  6. Eventually Mark and Brian became so successful as radio DJs that they moved to LA. I was devastated.
  7. The next time I'd catch a glimpse of them was when they had a cameo in the Brady Bunch movie.
  8. I'm pretty sure they would remember me.