Pictures of Confidence

My kids are all unique from each other, but definitely share a commonality... Confidence. I hope it doesn't wane when they hit puberty, when most kids start to experience self doubt. In the meantime, I love seeing these faces of pride that always inspire me to be myself. Post yours and a little backstory to inspire us all!
  1. We were eating out at a restaurant, and Murray got cold. I gave him my jacket. He loved the mixed pattern together and didn't care if it was a floral. He's like, "I look goooood." Not pictured: Murray dancing on the outside patio, just because.
  2. Oscar was voted (by us) Most Likely To Get Hurt— not because he's the most adventurous, because, bless his heart, the least coordinated and usually fearful. But confidence took over when he saw the fun he could have going down a steep hill on a toddler toy.
  3. This is Ruby everyday....Kissing her muscles and letting everyone know (especially her brothers) that she's the "most powerful girl in the world."
    List Note: Ruby cannot pronounce her R's very well so it makes it extra adorable when she says this.
  4. Getting out onto the ice rink with his skating class
    This was taken after he had a bad fall and cried but decided to get back out there!
    Suggested by   @shanaz
  5. My daughter at her drama class,
    where she has asked to be known as "Soup."
    Suggested by   @alligeeshow
  6. Owen discovering his ability to cook. At 11, he knows he wants to be a chef.
    Suggested by   @MaddyandOwensMom
  7. Maddy after nailing her first dance solo.
    Suggested by   @MaddyandOwensMom
  8. My daughter hates attention, hates it! But when asked to be a flower girl it was too awesome for her to pass up. Just a couple months ago she would have bailed mid-aisle, but she she made it through!!. This is her steeling herself for the big walk while the other flower girls play.
    Suggested by   @ameliaville
  9. Eating a Belgian waffle with complete abandon.
    This is the kind of eating I do on private, but my son is happy to chow down (biting the powdered sugar parts first) right in the middle of a big crowd. Reminds me of when I was dating his father and I would carefully pick a "tidy" food off the menu (i.e. Not spaghetti) to be more "ladylike". Pfffff! Next time I'm out with him I'll order the waffle!
    Suggested by   @Veronique