1. First off, don't call me Mandy. Ever.
    Now that we've established nickname boundaries... Here are mine from past to present.
  2. Nickname: Man (Created by: My older brother and sister)
    Background: Shortened version of Amanda. I have never been bothered by being called Man. When I hear someone in public say, "hey, man!" I usually turn to see if they're talking to me. They never are.
  3. Nickname: Pip Squeak (Created by: My sister's friends)
    Background: My sister Alison's nickname in high school was Squeaky. (She's 7 years older). I was a tinier even louder version of her and they'd refer to me as Pip Squeak. That faded eventually as did her nick name.
  4. Nickname: Poo (Created by: My Dad)
    Background: I'm really not sure how he started calling me this… But he still calls me Poo to this day. And I'm OK with it.
  5. Nickname: Priss Pot or Priscilla (Created by: My Mom)
    Background: My mom thinks I'm pretty sassy and prissy. Priss -> Priscilla -> Priss Pot. Freshman year she called my dorm room and my roommate answered, my mom said, "how is my Priss Pot?" My roommate thought she said Piss Pot.
  6. Nickname: George (Created by my friend Tamar at Jewish Summer Camp)
    Background: One summer at camp, it was late at night and I walked into our dark bunk. I was backlit. Evidently, the silhouette looked similar to George Washington… Chalk it up to a bad haircut. My friend Tamar started calling me George and it stuck for about three years. When I went to go visit her in Florida during the school year, her mom came to pick me up from the airport and walked up to me and said, "are you George?" Her entire family called me George, while I was there.
  7. Nickname: Bear (Created by: My friends from college)
    Background: They started calling me Amanda Bear (rhymes with Panda Bear) and shortened it to Bear. There was another guy in our class who was 6'4", quite rotund and hairy who was also called Bear. My friends, their family, and significant others all call me Bear to this day.
  8. Nickname: Pants (Created by: A colleague/friend)
    Background: i'm really not sure how she started calling me Pants. But 10 years later she still references this nickname. On a related note, some other friends from college used to call me Amanda Dance Who Wears No Pants
  9. Nickname: Pookums (Created by: My husband)
    Background: Very early on in our relationship my husband started calling me Pookums or Pookie... As a joke. After I made threats to his life… I mean his sex life, he stopped.