In honor of national boss day I'm going to highlight a few of the pranks I pulled on the best boss I've ever had. Erik was a mentor, advocate and above all he didn't fire me for pulling these pranks.
  1. The Birthday Prank
    Erik turned 35 so of course we had to celebrate by embarrassing him. I found terrible pictures I had taken of him for a project that he had asked me to delete. Then I printed out 200 copies with an overlay saying happy 40th birthday Erik because the only thing worse than getting attention was people thinking he was 40. I pasted them on three floors of our office building in the elevators, bathroom stalls, hallways, cubicals, everywhere!
  2. The Christmas Gift
    During one summer I started to take inconsequential items from Erik's office that he didn't use all the time but that eventually he would miss… Like a remote control, a pair of scissors, a ball he would play with ever so often. It took a few months but I gathered up about 12 different items and then I wrapped them up individually, put them in a gift bag and regifted them to him for his Christmas present. As soon as he unwrapped the first item, he threw the entire bag at me.
  3. The Annoyatron 3000: The Annoyatron is the size of a quarter and emits differing buzzing sounds intermittently. It also has a magnet so you can attach it to awkward places.
    On my last day on Erik's team before I changed jobs, I placed the Annoyatron to the back of his desk next to the wall. My colleagues would give me updates from afar. Erik would scream from his office "what is that?" Walk into the hallway exclaiming "Do you hear that?" And the best someone found him on the floor beneath his desk looking for the origins of the sound. Fed up with his yelling after 2 weeks my friend walked into his office, grabbed the Annoyatron, handed it to him and walked out.