1. Hotel Lobby Closed-circuit TV
    I remember watching this when I was little and being mesmerized
  2. Candid Camera (staged reality)
  3. That's Incredible!
  4. An American Family (PBS)
  5. The Nanny Cam
    Your own personal reality show starring your kids and potentially a crazy nanny.
  6. Star Search
    Perhaps an inspiration for all talent search shows.
  7. Battle of the Network Stars
    Suggested by @TheAnne
  8. Americas funniest home videos
    Suggested by @douglasjsellers
  9. Queen for a Day
    Before my time - but if you Google this, you'll see it was one of the VERY earliest "reality shows." A predecessor to all heart-tugging "Extreme Home Makeover"-style sob story shows.
    Suggested by @angusisley
  10. Real People
    Suggested by @jillbasinger
  11. Rescue 911
    I was obsessed as a kid.
    Suggested by @mandi
  12. Cops!
    Suggested by @alissamaynot