If you are around Atlanta come to my next comedy show the 1st Anniversary Schlitz and Giggles showcase, which is Thursday, June 16 at 8:30 PM at the Highland Inn ballroom lounge
  1. Before every stand up performance I put together my list of jokes and then practice based off of that new outline. It's kind of like how bands will come up with their music set list for a show, except these are all jokes. None of these will make sense to you… these are my joke premises. A lot of these started off as lists.
  2. 14 years of marriage = 14 year old boy
  3. Three things I hope I'm not saying to my kids when they're teenagers
  4. Tricky parenting situation
  5. Difficult conversations: Sock puppets; Boom that's comedy; Big Boobs
  6. Camp Pimp
  7. 4th Gen Alabama Jew