We have so many experts on @list. What tips, how-to's and advice have you been looking for that you'd like to see in a List and we can help match up advice seeker to expert? (And by "we" I mean all of us making expert suggestions in the comments section and feel free to self promote)
  1. How to frost a cake (a beginners guide)
    I'm betting @THEToughCookie has excellent tips for this
  2. How to transition your career path to a new one
    @eatthelove I'd love your POV
  3. How to trend or get featured on ListApp
    @gwcoffey and I are trying to figure out the algorithm. Do you know?
  4. How to survive your family during the zombie apocalypse
    @thewalkingdads @nerdist @hardwick I'm sure you're full of gems. And I have concerns.