List note: All questions are rhetorical; Winners will receive gastro-intestinal problems.
  1. Am I high maintenance because I asked to eat at Denny's instead of the free hotel breakfast?
  2. Do you think that guy from high school is still embarrassed about the time we were at Denny's and I knocked over two glasses of ice water and blamed the Tylenol Allergy Sinus medicine I was on?
  3. Are those people behind me having a work meeting?
  4. Do they refill the same bottle of Cholula or replace the bottle with a new one?
  5. Where could I get a gallon size container of Cholula?
  6. To stay on brand, would they make the gallon size container of Cholula with a wooden screw top?
  7. Why does this coffee taste like it's been filtered through a sock?
  8. How much cream will make this taste better?
  9. If I invented caffeinated creamer with a slight coffee taste, would that sell?
  10. What is that spot on the carpet?
  11. How many people have thrown up in this booth?