1. It was the summer of 1992. I was almost 15. The bunk next-door was a rowdy group of endearing 13-year-old boys.
  2. We befriended them. I'm not quite sure how it got started but a group of my bunk mates and I each "paired off" with a guy from their bunk... Not in a sexual way at all, but we kept on calling them our husbands.
  3. We would go visit our "husbands".
  4. One day during free time we decided to have a water fight with them. Water fights usually consisted of throwing buckets of water on each other.
  5. Someone from my bunk, maybe it was me, maybe it wasn't, decided to dip a tampon in Kool-Aid and throw it at them. And when I say maybe I say because I honestly cannot remember if it was me or not.
    List note: they knew it was Kool-Aid and not something worse.
  6. After that incident they disappeared for five minutes and came back with a bucket.
  7. "It's pee," they shouted. They all stood around the bucket defiant and proud.
  8. I didn't believe them. I slowly walked up to the bucket to peer inside as my friends waited behind me.
  9. "It's pee," I shouted. "Run."
  10. There are few things in life that will make me run… Extreme cold weather, being chased by bees, and a bucket of pee, I'd learn.
  11. After I yelled "run", It was like watching myself in a slow-motion video.
  12. One of our "husbands" picked up the bucket of pee and threw it at us. I have never sprinted so quickly in my life.
  13. Shockingly, my agile friend Amy was not as quick to respond. She lagged behind me by just a few feet... The pee drenching her.
  14. It got into her mouth.
  15. She showered for an hour and gargled an entire bottle of Listerine.
  16. After that water fights were banned.
  17. And we all got divorces from our "husbands."