1. Don't make a How-to List on how to get @bjnovak to follow you
  2. Do tag his real life social influencers in hopes they'll reList and Like your List and he'll notice you
    Ya know people like @mindy and @JennaFischer and @dev and @sophia and his family @BillNovak @jesseno @LevNovak
  3. Don't use phrases like "social influencers"
  4. Do invite him over for a 🌮🤖 party
    That's right tacos AND robots.
  5. Don't expect him to show up. Because maybe you live in Decatur, Georgia and that's probably really far away from wherever he may be. Also you don't really know each other even though you feel like you know him. You don't. Besides you don't have tacos or robots let alone a taco robot.
  6. Do hope he shows up to a ListApp meet up in Georgia.
  7. Don't tell everyone at the bar you're excited for BJ as they'll probably look at you strangely or make that probably a definitely.
  8. Do try to figure out his rubric for who he chooses to follow.
  9. Don't think because you use fancy words like "rubric" he'll actually follow you because after all you also say things like "social influencer".