The Games We Play

Move over Parker Brothers, you don't have a monopoly over the best games. The husband and I love to play these gems when we get bored or just when inspiration strikes.
  1. The Game: Bluetooth or Crazy
    How to play: Is that gentleman talking to himself or is he having an in depth conversation with a colleague using advanced wireless communication technology? It's hard to tell. The usual give away is to look for the earpiece or alternatively the foil hat. 100 points for correct answer. Move back a space closer to that gentleman for guessing wrong.
  2. The Game: Instagramming or Pokemon Go
    How to play: Dude! Why are there so many people hanging around that statue? Is it a Poke Stop or a group selfie? Hint: Pokemon Go is a lot like CrossFit and Vegans — they love to talk about it, so just ask. Collect $200 for passing Pokemon Go players if you are able to avoid playing it yourself. Kudos to you.
  3. The Game: Fireworks or Gunfire
    How to play: Whether Fourth of July or any given night where I live in Atlanta, it's probably both. So cover your head and put the dog inside because everyone is a winner.
  4. The Game: Pool Water or Pee Pee
    How to play: A family-friendly summertime game I love to play in the public pool bathroom stalls. What am I stepping in? Is it chlorinated or has someone urinated? Advance to next level if you're wearing flip flops.
  5. The Game: Is She Pregnant or Am I an Asshole?
    How to play: My husband's favorite game year-round, where everyone loses.