1. Oscar, our 6yo, spotted a graffiti artist at the park. Hilarity ensues when he approaches him for an interview....
  2. Why is he doing that?
  3. Why are you doing that?
  4. Can I do that?
  5. What are toxic fumes?
  6. How do they put paint in a can?
  7. Can I use that spray paint?
  8. What's a tag?
  9. Why are you doing that if it's illegal?
  10. Who owns that property?
  11. Mommy, are you sure I cannot do that?
  12. We should call the police because I just want to see them and it's illegal.
  13. OK, we do not have to call the police they are busy doing more important things… Like eating donuts, and playing games.
  14. You are a master artist.
  15. What does that say? What's a tag again?
  16. What does Haze mean?
  17. What's your real name?
  18. Can you please just tell me your real name?
  19. Ok but what's your NAME?
  20. What does inhale mean?
  21. Why is that bad to breath in?
  22. Ok, now can I help you with that tag?
  23. Now tell me your name.