1. This is Murray.
  2. He's 9.
    Almost 10.
  3. We call him the unofficial Mayor of our town.
    Wherever we go people of all different ages (that we usually don't know) wave and say "hey Murray." And he's always shaking hands and kissing babies. He loves babies. (And Minecraft).
  4. There's something else you need to know about this guy. He's got a super power. He's able to change people's days from meh to marvelous, from bad to best ever. He'll leap tall buildings to make you smile.
  5. This is not a once in a while occurrence. Everyday I will hear from a neighbor, a teacher or a stranger that their day wasn't going so great, and then they had an interaction with Murray that changed their demeanor.
  6. At the grocery store, he tells the cashier, "Wow. You're fast. You're great at your job!"
  7. To the pharmacist, he says, "how's your day going?" Then he waits for the reply and continues to banter.
  8. At restaurants, he manages to find his way to the kitchen and yells, "that was the best meal I've ever had," to whoever is listening.
  9. He gives hugs, open doors and asks strangers if he can help to carry things.
  10. He makes eye contact, gives genuine compliments and wants to hear replies to "how are you?"
  11. He was born empathetic with an old caring soul.
  12. His secret super power isn't so secret at all. We can all do these things:
  13. Verbally recognize the people who do small daily things in your life as being great and impactful to you.
  14. Make eye contact and smile.
  15. Ask people how their day is going, wait for the reply and continue the conversation.
    Meaning don't make the question the equivalent to a passing wave.
  16. Be like Murray!