The Lizzie Borden Gift Shop

Now my nightmares are yours! YOU'RE WELCOME!
  1. I'm not sure what's more disturbing: The Lizzie Borden B&B/Museum...
  2. Their motto: We Treat Everyone Like Family.
  3. The random BIg Green Egg they have on their backyard (Borden Jerky anyone?)...
  4. Or the Lizzie Borden Gift Shop! We missed the tour, so we may never know. But I think we can agree these gift shop items are pretty creepy....
  5. The baby bib
    Lizzie was actually 32, when the crime took place.
  6. Borden House Lego "fan art"
  7. Coffee mugs
    I swear to god she blinked her eyes at me
  8. Bobble heads
  9. Fan art: A hatchet wind chime
  10. Fan art: A Lizzie crocheted doll
  11. Fan art: A life size Lizzie out of BALLOONS
    I'm already fearful of balloons so this really freaked me out.
  12. Blood-stained tshirt.
  13. Golf balls
  14. A hatchet clock so you can tell it's time to get the F out of there.