The Roast of Batman

I was in a comedy show last night called Roasted. Every few months the show producer picks a character to be roasted and then books comedians to roast that person as relevant characters. I played Wonder Woman. Here are pictorial highlights and a few of my jokes in quotes.
  1. Wonder Woman undercover. My husband and I went out to dinner before the show. I wore my costume beneath my dress.
  2. The Cast. We all wrote original material for this one time show and told we'd be murdered if our costumes sucked.
  3. Boy Wonder produced the show. After all the Batman is his best friend. "And the rumors are true. Batman and Robin are a thing. Not so super subtle guys to join the Mile High Club in an invisible jet. And it's the jet that's invisible. Not the stains."
    Robin didn't plan a rehearsal, but 30 minutes before the show started, we were given stage directions. One thing, we had to make up a new line once called on stage so they would have time to switch music.
  4. This is me walking to get on the stage to sit with the other roasters. My impromptu line: "These are my Bracelets of Victory! I got them for my Bat Mitzvah. You can now get them from my Etsy shop."
  5. Joker was the roast master. "I'm not sure what's worse: suffering from resting bitch face like Cat Woman or being more like Joker and suffering from resting happy face."
  6. Jimmy Olsen was there too. None of us to could figure out why. "Jimmy Olsen is such a pussy, people keep calling him Cat Woman." --my line
    Jimmy thought he was drinking Ginger Ale, but wasn't. He talked about buttholes a lot.
  7. My frenemy Cat Woman was there too. "Point of clarification. When anyone mentions the Bat Cave, it's actually a euphemism for Cat Woman's vagina."
  8. "On a related note, the fortress of solitude is a euphemism for Super Man's dick."
  9. Poison Ivy my other frenemy
  10. Bane. No comment.
  11. "It's about time we roasted Batman and that his ego is shot down... Just like his parents."