I'm at a taping of the BET Hip Hop awards that airs Sunday night. These are real pieces of dialogue I'm having with my friend Nancy.
  1. All of these kids are adorable
  2. This is probably great branding for the network
  3. Comedian: If you're over 25 make some noise
    Me: Wooooo whew.
  4. Does that girl know she forgot to put her slip on and we can see her panties?
  5. There's so much sugar in that peanut bar
  6. When's this show starting I just want to hear some music?
  7. Seriously there's a rapper named Young Joc!
  8. There are a lot of dresses here that would be complicated to wear underwear with
    I may have said under garments and not underwear
  9. Tupac is caput backwards. That's clever.
  10. Oh. You were kidding when you said Beyoncé was here.
  11. The only person older than me Is @snoopdogg
  12. P Diddy! We know him!