1. Oh wait, can I do this title? It's like @dfly's thing.
  2. Will people think I'm copying him?
  3. I mean, it's not like "thoughts of" is trademarked.
  4. I wonder what the difference is between trademarked and copyrighted?
  5. There has to be other listers who've written a "thoughts of" list. I mean Dennis Flynn can't have a monopoly on those words.
  6. Well shit, that search showed no one does a list starting with "thoughts of."
  7. I guess I could do "thoughts on" or "thoughts from" or "what's happening inside the head of..."
  8. That seems too wordy.
  9. Are there character limits to list titles even?
  10. What will people think of my character if they think I'm plagiarizing @dfly's entire list account concept.
  11. What will Dennis Flynn think of me?
  12. I bet in real life people call Dennis Flynn "Dennis Flynn". Like they don't say just "Dennis".
  13. Whenever I say Dennis out loud I sometimes say dentist.
  14. Shit when's the last time I went to the dentist?
  15. What if I have a cavity? I know I've got plaque build up.
  16. Ugh that hygienist is gonna be all "you're not brushing twice a day are you?"
  17. She's always so judgy of my dental habits. I'm sure she thinks I don't floss either but I floss god damn it.
  18. That would make a good list. Thoughts of a judgmental dental hy....
  19. Fuck me, that's Dentist Flynn's concept again.