1. At restaurants by other parents with quiet well-behaved children. Mine are loud with gregarious personalities and bodies that don't stop moving.
  2. By a veterinarian. We had a guinea pig who fell ill. They wanted to put in an IV and do surgery on him. We decided it was time to let him go. Very Judgmental vet. Seriously who puts an IV into an animal that small? Maybe I'm evil for not wanting to put Linus through that.
  3. By a lot of girls I went to high school with because of my clothes. I dressed "grungy". My words. Not theirs. It took a while for clothing trends to reach Alabama.
    @caffrin can attest to this
  4. A girl from my Jewish youth group circa 1994 who got to know me because we worked on a team together. She said, "I always thought you were trying to be weird but then after I got to know you I realize that's just who you are." And I am weird. But didn't like the idea she thought I was trying to be. It's just who I am.
  5. By all the conservative people I went to high school with. For being opinionated and liberal and a wearer of bell bottoms. Also the teachers didn't necessarily like me either.
  6. By male comics at open mics. This is prior to going on. But afterwards I love getting those looks of surprise and nods of approval.