I've got three kids who are now 9, 6 and 6. This is what I've learned. What do you know?
  1. Put all foods on a stick.
    No matter what it is, if it's on a stick it some how makes it more appealing.
  2. Count down not up.
    Because there's an infinite amount of numbers after three.
  3. Make them listen to YOUR music.
    My kids have grown up thinking the Beastie Boys' Eggman is a kids song about breakfast food.
  4. Speaking of music. Go ahead and start purchasing the clean version.
    When you're investing in purchasing your digital music make sure you get the version that leaves out bad words. I think my kids have learned most of their bad language while listening to my music. Oops.
  5. Sometimes illogical consequences are the most logical choice
    It's a fact: logic does not develop in a persons brain until the age of 32 and sometimes never. I've heard myself dish out crazy punishments like "you will not eat spaghetti until you're 12 if you continue doing that" or "I will give all your princess costumes to poor people who cannot afford costumes because you hit your brother". But they work better.
  6. The birthday wish list fake out
    Whenever we are in a store my little girl freaks out about everything she wants. I've come up with an imaginary wish list, so that every time she asks for something I say I'll put it on her birthday wish list. It seems to calm her down. God help me if she ever asks to see this list. I'll just tell her I took a mental picture of it and hope that suffices.