Inspired by @shanaz and @bjnovak
  1. Woke up in a bunk at a Jewish summer camp.
  2. Saw my husband next to me and remembered I'm at "family camp" and not in Wet Hot American Summer.
  3. Got kids up and took them down to dining hall for breakfast and let husband sleep in.
  4. Dropped them off after at kids camp.
  5. Chatted with buddies and went back to bunk to wake up husband.
  6. We went down to the lake, sat, and did nothing.
  7. Picked up kids from camp, had lunch together, dropped twins off back at camp and took @murray back to bunk.
  8. Slept.
  9. @murray and I went to go find the goats to learn how to milk them. The goat guy wasn't there so we hopped the fence.
  10. Goat ate my dress.
  11. We leave and go eat snacks.
  12. Pick up twins and hand them off to husband.
  13. Murray and I attend a "session" about bar Mitzvahs.
  14. I walk around camp looking for husband and twins because it's time to eat again. Find them at the pool. Rush to dinner, which is hard in flip flops.
  15. Eat.
  16. Get anxious because I want to print out my set list. I'm performing in a couple of hours.
  17. Murray and I find a printer. All is good.
  18. Find twins and husband by bonfire.
  19. Take 5 friends and my daughter back to bunk to open up box of wine I brought. We fill our cups, while Ruby accessorizes.
  20. Back at bonfire. Sing songs m. Eat marshmallows. We bring kids to watch a movie in the "teen lounge".
  21. I perform comedy for 100 people.
  22. Chat with friends and then we get kids.
  23. Back to bunk. Read kids a story. Everyone is in bed.
  24. My body is too.