Top 6 Things You May (or May Not) See at the Atlanta Meet-up/Reading

Our @ListMeetUps is this Thursday, May 19th, 8pm at JavaVino. Find details here: Atlanta Meet-up & Reading This Thursday
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    @john and @andycohen: I mean I'm not sure if they read my list request suggesting they road trip to the meet-up or not, but either way I'm making a Grateful Dead mix for them and preparing for a whole lot of handsome.
  2. 5.
    Love at First List: Some couple will meet and fall in love because of and maybe this is the event that will bring them together. And we can see it all happen! I'm so excited for our first wedding!!!
  3. 4.
    My boom box: Y'all, I really want music at the meet-up so I'm thinking of going old school and bringing my childhood boombox along with a really solid mixtape I got in high school from a crush.
  4. 3.
    A Jew-fro: If I can promise you anything, it's that my Jew-fro will be out and big. Humidity has hit Atlanta y'all!
  5. 2.
    A Manatee: Rumor has it @dev is a big fan of the sea cow. We may have worked it out to have a manatee visit from the Georgia Aquarium to act as the unofficial @list mascot.
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    Your internet friends reading their favorite lists! Come out to see listers new and old read their lists including @joemurphy @marymurphy @justjills @smirthnut @sarasummers212 @krmckinstry @xoe @notme @schwartztastic @Nicholas @smirthnut @julezbook @bware427 @amieshmamie and more!
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