1. I grew up in a house with a TV in almost every room. Even the bathroom.
  2. But we didn't get cable until the Gulf War broke out because my parents wanted CNN.
  3. Once we all were late to an out of town wedding because we sat perched at the end of the hotel bed mesmerized by HBO.
  4. My siblings and I all majored in TV/Film with Master's degrees to match. We are a TV family.
  5. My morning wake up call was the sound of The Today Show.
  6. We'd watch anything on NBC Must-see TV on Thursday nights.
  7. But honestly we'd watch anything that was on (before cable).
  8. Dynasty, Knight Rider, Miami Vice, Hill St. Blues, St. Elsewhere, Johnny Carson, Moonlighting, Family Ties, Cheers, James Bond Marathons, award shows, The Cosby Show, The Arsenio Hall Show,
  9. Fantasy Island, Love Boat, The Golden Girls, McGyver, SNL, The Wonder Years, Life Goes On, Roseanne, Growing Pains, CBS Sunday Morning, 60 Minutes, Little House on the Prairie.
  10. Everything was fair game.
  11. Once we got cable it seems we all went our separate TV watching ways. My siblings were in college by then.
  12. My dad continued watching Little House on the Prairie in the bathroom.
  13. My mom consumed the news.
  14. And I discovered Greg Kinnear and my addiction to reality television.