The Waffle House is known as the "world's leading server of real hashbrowns". That being said I'm not really sure what fake hashbrowns are. Either way if you find yourself below the Mason-Dixon line at a Waffle House you'll come across the hash brown menu. It will confuse you. Here is a guide for their hash brown toppings:
  1. Never order your hashbrowns "all the way"… Especially after a night of drinking. I'm not sure whose stomach can handle this. But it would include all of the below toppings.
  2. Smothered = sautéed onions
  3. Covered = melted cheese
  4. Chunked = grilled hickory smoked ham. Please note this is not kosher…
  5. Diced = grilled tomatoes
  6. Peppered = spicy jalapeño peppers
  7. Capped = grilled button mushrooms
  8. Topped = Bert's Chili
  9. Country = Sausage Gravy