We Need These Listers

To my knowledge these people are not on @list — We need them. Seriously, go help get them on here.
  1. Dan Savage
    Do we have an official sex advice columnist?
  2. Puddles Pity Party
    Do you know this clown? He has a golden voice. www.puddlespityparty.com (Not to be confused with @bluepuddles )
  3. Pee-wee Herman
    I think he would see a major resurgence in fandom by being on here
  4. Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force
    He's got opinions and I think he'd be one of the few people who would give some love to Top Babes
  5. The Pillsbury Dough Boy
    A parody account but he's always pissed off at anyone who lists about gluten-free anything
  6. The Hamburger Helper Hand
    Another parody account who fucking hates the Pillsbury doughboy
  7. Betty Fuckin' White
    Do I really need to explain myself?