When Dave Foley Was Our Best Man at Our Fake Wedding

  1. @michaelsokol produced a reality show pitch pilot for an infamous Atlanta hamburger/bar establishment called The Vortex, which also houses the Laughing Skull comedy lounge. He asked if I would be in it.
  2. Background: Dave Foley happened to be performing at the Laughing Skull the same night the shoot was. The owner of the Vortex/Laughing Skull is also an ordained minister.
  3. So Michael set up a scenario where my real husband would play my fake boyfriend and the waitress would taunt us about not being married yet.
    This was just for a pitch and would have never aired. But we obviously know reality show producers set up scenarios.
  4. The waitress basically dares us to get married by the owner. We accept the dare.
  5. I walk down the aisle with Dave Foley by my side and a bouquet of tator tots. We exchanged onion rings.
  6. Dave is a doll.