1. I worked for Adult Swim and Cartoon Network from 2003-2009
  2. I managed the Home Entertainment biz and Adult Swim Consumer Products
  3. Creators were very involved so I got to know them very well.
  4. After working at CN you'll leave with a decent acting resume. Everyone likes free talent. Everyone being line producers.
  5. One of the ATHF creators asked if I'd do a voice over for one of the episodes. Of course I said yes.
  6. I met him at the printer over at Williams Street where he handed me the script and then walked straight into the booth.
  7. We started recording. I mentioned "page 5 is missing." He said to adlib. I did.
  8. "Thirty dirty sexonds.... Oooh did I say SEXonds". I did.
  9. Later I'd be called back to VO as Donna, an old high school classmate of Carl's. And then to be the "Glug Girl" in a Squidbillies episode.
  10. Very minor VO roles.
  11. The best part I played in an Adult Swim show was in their first live action pilot called Stiff created by Matt Maiellaro. I was Young Bedelia and the demon. The girl in pink yelling "bath in the blood of your bitch master." But that's a story for another time.