When Siblings Attack (Because They Do)

  1. The Concept: Put on scary clown wrestling mask and Wolverine costume. Run into room while yelling at younger siblings.
  2. Cast of characters
  3. The Big Brother: "I'm gonna scare them...No, Mommy, it will be funny."
  4. The Mother: "Pretty sure this is a bad idea."
  5. The Little Brother: Scared of his own hand (the left one), but has coined the term "rhino hug" as a self-defense move.
  6. The Little Sister: Voted most likely to stand up for a brother, but also to punch one.
  7. The Result: Big brother scares the crap out of siblings and then gets beaten to a pulp.
    I had to pull them off of him.
  8. Little siblings: 1
  9. Big Brother: 0
  10. PS. He was right. It was freakin' hilarious.