1. Post a pic of your dog and its name! Don't forget to like the List!
  2. Milo the Great Pyrenees
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  3. Rosie the Havanese fluffball!
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    Suggested by @karen
  4. Stella the Wonder Dog!
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    Suggested by @AllieLarkin
  5. Chewy the dummy dog
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    Suggested by @emilygood
  6. Cosmo Zweig AKA "Qozmo Zweig" Feel free to vote for him as your favorite even though there is no voting!
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    Suggested by @notme
  7. Arrow a.k.a. Tuff Roughmann the Conga Bongo Boy
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    Suggested by @amdaniel
  8. Ellie, she's just happy
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    Suggested by @mark
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    Suggested by @notme
  10. Ruby
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    Suggested by @Z
  11. Oreo, English bulldog, he's plus-sized and out of fucks to give
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    Suggested by @p
  12. Cleo, the most terrible evolutionary mistake
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    Suggested by @crumb
  13. Milo the scrappy mutt
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    Suggested by @Suzanne
  14. Virginia Woof the Italian greyhound/beagle mix
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    Suggested by @erinhickey
  15. Attie (Atticus) the I-have-no-idea-what mix
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    Suggested by @mlb
  16. Sameyach "Sammy" is a happy puppy.
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    Suggested by @jennienina
  17. Penny the Scout (Belgian Malinois)
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    Suggested by @scoutregalia
  18. Joe is a dog. He's often a good dog.
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    Suggested by @mattwatson
  19. Henry the grumpy old man dog!
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    Suggested by @emilybb
  20. Dash (foreground) aka Dashiell Hambone, part JRT part animaniac
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    Suggested by @juliapierpont
  21. Wilson, a fucking asshole.
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    Suggested by @sammyfio
  22. Gus - a hot southern New Jersey mess. (But so handsome, isn't he handsome lady dogs?!)
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    Suggested by @sammyfio
  23. Tally Atwater, attorney at dog!
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    Suggested by @magdalenam
  24. Hetch Hetchie (a mini-mutt)
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    Suggested by @brettcleaver
  25. Lucille Ball Lyons-Osswald ("Lu"). A classic Scorpio lady with a complicated inner life.
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    Suggested by @brookielyons
  26. Winnaretta Singer, Princesse de Polignac
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    Suggested by @kathleenstetson
  27. Kevin, King of Bushwick
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    Suggested by @maddiecalls
  28. Zelda the Yorkie
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    @zeldatheyorkie on Insta
    Suggested by @dave
  29. FUZZ my lil debil.
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    Suggested by @aidybryant
  30. Ginger, the big-eared Queen of WeHo
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    Suggested by @DebiPal
  31. Aya and Inku.
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    Suggested by @ktenkely
  32. Daisy - Cocker Spaniel
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    Suggested by @gggenevieveee
  33. English bulldog, Izzy ! A NON farting, NON drooling luvbug!
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    Suggested by @T
  34. Frankie, the dog that thinks he's human, and might actually be
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    Suggested by @grahamkellis
  35. Fox the Fox (chihuahua irl though)!
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    Suggested by @beauciolino
  36. Winston!
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    Suggested by @christhorman
  37. Jack, my prince and security detail.
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    Suggested by @missdiatribe
  38. Berkeley Buster DeVoe
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    Suggested by @ashleyadores
  39. Bigfoot, a prince.
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    Suggested by @liana
  40. Vivi, my 28 month old Papillon.
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    Suggested by @THEToughCookie
  41. Josie, Vivi's little sister.
    A5c5a631 1dab 4db3 8bd2 04ef00fda402
    Suggested by @THEToughCookie
  42. Mini who works next door
    A26b67c3 107e 4335 ba28 bcc8eb5f9860
    Not technically my dog, but more like my surrogate dog.
    Suggested by @13spencer
  43. Blaze & Brody!
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    Suggested by @kaitlynvella
  44. Ælla
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    Suggested by @iWorkDogs
  45. DogLudo 🐶💛
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    Suggested by @valaveni
  46. Cannoli
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    Suggested by @mkhyde95
  47. I hope two dogs aren't against the rules but they are both very good I promise!! Brooklyn is on the left, Summer on the right
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    Suggested by @alexandra
  48. Benny the Jet Rodriguez H.Dog... he makes lists. :) 6 year old Aussie mutt!
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    Suggested by @BennyDog
  49. Peter !!!
    Suggested by @oliviaf
  50. Penny! @pennypie
    832ae5e5 fd28 4a67 957d cae144ba7de1
    Suggested by @pennypie
  51. My home boy, Rogan!
    Suggested by @nbrennan11
  52. Bailey, a golden retriever/collie mix. ❤️❤️❤️
    Suggested by @ryeisenberg
  53. Ruby, the mutt princess
    Suggested by @imakemelaugh3
  54. Wilbur, Boxer/Shar Pei
    Suggested by @veronicamsanders
  55. Polly Anna the separation anxiety dog (her, not me)
    Suggested by @cordeliane
  56. Rigby- old English sheepdog
    Suggested by @torilane
  57. Liz Lemon, probably border collie and lab.
    Suggested by @stephaniehunt
  58. I'm Ipha the Mastiff
    Suggested by @Thunderpaws
  59. Queen Brandi Lynn the Pitt/Husky mix!
    I was rescued by my dad from a shelter because they thought I was going to be blind. I see perfectly and use my eyes to command the devotion of my loyal human subjects!
    Suggested by @sar_marieee
  60. @pennypie aka Lucky Penny & Shinny Penny & Money Penny & sometime I go by just Pie. Way into treats and tennis balls.
    Suggested by @pennypie
  61. Abbie. I am my handlers Service Dog.
    I am a large beagle. I am super smart. I suffer from Gran Maul Seizures quite often.
    Suggested by @kawaalii