1. I've always had intense movie-like dreams. My reoccurring ones usually consist of my teeth falling out or being on stage at SNL. But my worst dream is the one where my husband cheats on me.
  2. In these dreams, he's emotionally invested in another woman. His parents watch our kids while I'm at a meeting so he can go out on dates with her. He introduces her to the kids. He flirts with her in front of me.
  3. I wake up sad and usually crying.
  4. My husband wakes up, looks at me and apologizes for what he didn't do. He knows I've had that dream again. And I know it's not the real him. He's my best friend. I know he'd never cheat.
  5. And he asks, "why am I this terrible person in your dreams?" I feel bad not only when I have these dream, but also THAT I have them.
  6. So I began to think "why do I dream this?" I'm a big believer in that anyone can analyze their owns dreams... As long as they know themselves. And I figured it out...
  7. I'm not afraid of my husband cheating. I'm afraid of being replaced.
  8. I'm afraid of being that wife that mother that dies young and just becomes a foggy exaggerated memory. I'm afraid of dying and my kids not knowing me.
  9. Then he falls in love with someone else. Then they call someone else Mommy. And I'm just this picture in a 4x6 frame.