Around the New Year we reminisce, reassess and resolve. This year, I look towards the Beastie Boys as my influence for a 2016 of resolutions I can perhaps achieve. Here are some lyrics that I have found hidden meaning from to inspire a Beastie resolution in my life. (EDIT: Written for last year but this applies for 2017 and beyond)
  1. The Lyric: Coolin' on the corner on a hot summer day; just me, my posse and MCA.
    The Hidden Meaning: spend more time with my friends and family. Make them listen to the Beastie Boys. Also maybe create an Atlanta MCA Day.
  2. The Lyric: With bottle in hand in the microphone stand.
    The Hidden Meaning: I seriously need to do more open mics… While holding a bottle of Manischewitz.
  3. The Lyric: I got trees on my mirror so my car won't smell.
    The Hidden Meaning: I've got a bouillabaisse of kids snacks available at Any given moment on our minivans floorboard. I need to do a better job of keeping our swagger wagon clean.
  4. The Lyric: What's up with your bad breath onion rings
    The Hidden Meaning: Stop telling my husband his breath smells. It hurts his feelings. But also stop making him onion rings.
  5. The Lyric: It's finger lickin', finger lickin' good y'all
    The Hidden Meaning: I had been a vegetarian for 19 years but kept having reoccurring dreams about Publix's fried chicken. So I ate it. I've been questioning this choice, but now I realize it was a good one. I'm going to eat more fried chicken in 2016. It's finger licking good y'all. And frankly, tofu doesn't cut it.
  6. The Lyric: 'Cause Life ain't nothing but a good groove; a good mix tape to put you in the right mood
    Hidden Meaning: things don't make people happy in the long run. But music does. In 2016, I vow to stop purchasing toys for my kids and instead use my old double deck boombox and make a solid mix tape for them instead. They'll totally appreciate the thought.
  7. The Lyric: if you want a Doodoo rhyme then come see me
    Hidden Meaning: My kids are afraid of the toilet, which is why they always need my company. In 2016, I'm going to get more creative about getting them to be independent poopers by pinning my own rap about the potty. Something like "these trips to the potty are making me a bit petulant. Wipe your own tush or you're out of the will and testament."
  8. All and all these resolutions I can stick to. Whether or not I keep them after month is another scenario. Even if life is status quo come February, my motto about life is: I get it, I got it, I know it's good.
  9. Happy 2016 ListApp
  10. #RIPMCA
  11. And now happy 2017!
    I'm going to bump this post every year.