1. Jewish Summer Camp Counselor
    They were horrendous 12 year olds who were entirely too mean to each other. I was 18 and really wanted to be a camper. I was tormented by one camper in particular who was off her meds for the summer. She stole another campers RX sunglasses and her retainer... A retainer that she put into her mouth to prove it was hers. It wasn't.
  2. Marketing Coordinator for a Start-up/Website in the year 2000
    The site was geared towards college kids, but launched during the week of finals. It was one of my first jobs out of college. We blitzed campuses around Boston with flyers, but I opted to wear the mascot uniform so no one would recognize me.
  3. Senior Marketing Manager for a TV network
    I had spent 6.5 years with this brand and it was the best job ever. But I switched groups and it turned into hell. My manager made my direct reports cry. I was so afraid of him that one day I passed out while driving while pregnant with twins and when I came to, I drove to work and didn't tell my husband until I got home that night.
  4. Sales person/gift wrapper at a retail store (Christmas time only)
    I am terrible at wrapping gifts even if it's a perfect square. Nothing caused such high anxiety as when I was watched by overbearing southern women. Most occasions I'd get screamed at for taking so long and they'd ask for new gift paper so they could just wrap it themselves.
  5. Cashier/barista/food prep girl at a cafe in Boston
    The manager loved me. The assistant manager hated and sandwich maker hated me because, as they said, I was always "too damn happy." Once my register got stuck, so the assistant manager used a knife to pry it open. She cut me with it by mistake and her response was "your arm shouldn't have been there anyway."