What's your worst or crazy roommate story? Or even better were YOU the worst roommate?
  1. He was shooting porn in the apartment unbeknownst to me and part of the "set" was my couch I was trying to sell.
  2. We shared a room. She was smelly, had sex with her gf while I was there, she broke my laptop, and one time she woke me up to tell me her vagina was itchy and leaking green stuff... Then scratched her crotch and put her yucky vagina hand in my face.
    It was a nightmare. She dropped out after our first semester
    Suggested by @olive
  3. Shared a room with me, woke up in the middle of the night to her riding her boyfriend inches away from my face
    Suggested by @sky
  4. Her boyfriend choked me and then cut me off when I said I didn't want him in our apartment.
    Suggested by @daniel
  5. She got a cat, never took care of the poor thing (I would) and the cat infested the apartment with so many fleas and then she moved out and left us to get rid of the fleas. She also stole my food a lot, got mad at my for sitting on the shared living room couch (said I should buy my own couch), and had trashy people over to party every weekend.
    Suggested by @ErinFlaherty
  6. I had a roommate who showered once a week; on Sunday.
    Suggested by @13spencer
  7. My ex-wife was my absolute worst "roommate," and that was for 10 years.
    Suggested by @13spencer
  8. I'd just graduated & moved into a house with 3 friends. Kate & Matt were dating. She was the 1 I knew best so when she started getting drunk nightly & yelling/crying/throwing things at at Matt (who was & still is a sweetie) it was jarring. I'd never seen her like that. After 3 months we asked her to move out. (She & Matt broke up 3 months after)
    Suggested by @linzamauve
  9. His father is a rock icon. Super famous. This roommate went on benders and would lock himself in his room for days and days- never leaving his room. We would bang on his door and yell his name, and he wouldn't answer. We worried he was in there dead and that we'd have to call the police and also call his father. Scary and tragic. He was so nice.
    Suggested by @TheAnne
  10. We had a very small electrical fire in the apartment. She was the one to deal with the firemen and talk to the electrician. She told us they had declared the apartment unfit for people to live in and we were being kicked out.
    Nope. They had not told her that. They told her an electrician would need to come update our wiring but that we were fine. In reality she had regretted resigning the lease, and was trying to get out of it by telling us we had to move. She moved out by the end of the semester without telling anyone. She said she was doing it to save our friendship and I told her that was never going to happen.
    Suggested by @originalamericantrt
  11. She texted to ask "hey, will you be home in the next couple hours?" the day after telling me she REALLY wanted to try shower sex with her boyfriend
    Once I was writing a midterm in the living room and she and her boyfriend silently walked in, went to her room, and had loud sex
    Suggested by @nina
  12. She constantly made a mess and never cleaned up after herself (kitchen, dishes, living area, bathrooms, sauce encrusted pots & pans days after being used). We had two bathrooms and had made it known that one was hers and us three would share the other. She got cockroaches in her bathroom. Her response: "I don't see what's the big deal guys?!"
    Suggested by @e
  13. My college roommate was the trifecta of stupid, slobby & gross.
    STUPID: he'd go grocery shopping for the apartment at CostCo and buy 3 heads of lettuce. When we told him we couldn't eat it all, he just stuck the heads in the freezer. SLOBBY: he'd eat canned creamed corn right out of the can and then leave it half eaten on the floor of the apartment randomly. GROSS: owned a pet snake that he would feed live mice and crickets. The snake had lice. Once he brought home a crate of live chickens. He put it in the living room but we made him move it to his bedroom.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  14. He was always coked up in the middle of the day; he'd masturbate fully naked with his door open; he never washed his clothes, but wore plenty of cologne; he pooped on the bathroom floor, covered it with a white towel, and left the apartment for four days.
    Suggested by @alissamaynot
  15. smoked cigs inside after constant pleads and agreement not to
    Suggested by @Samuel