A husband, wife, and their two teenagers are moving from Iowa to Orleans, France.
  1. The wife tearily surveys her empty living room in Iowa and observes that it is all becoming "very real."
  2. At the first house in Orleans, the husband has a vision of future dinner parties taking place in the home. He likes what he sees.
  3. The wife notes that they don't have any friends to invite over yet. The husband tells her that soon they will and they both smile.
  4. The husband wants to live in the city, but the wife says she'd rather drive the kids in to school from the suburbs because she will have nothing else to do.
  5. The dad misidentifies an exotic French vegetable and the kids get a kick out of giving him a hard time about it.
  6. Every so often the husband and wife look at their surroundings and remark, somewhat whimsically, that it all looks very French.