1. Making a perfect parallel park.
    My car is a unicorn angel floating on clouds of happiness and unscratched curbsides.
  2. Parking at a meter that still has time left in it.
    You just saved 36 CENTS MAMA.
  3. Finding no trace of a parking ticket when your car is very much indeed in violation of the street sweeping sign standing next to it.
    This is actually a significant win. Like a $73.00 win.
  4. Someone with 20 grocery items letting you cut in front of them so you can purchase your single carton of organic half and half.
  5. Having the cashier at Trader Joe's look like Sonny from the movie Grease if they made a "Where Are They Now?" sequel.
    Because it makes so much sense.
  6. Finishing a text before the light turns green.
    Not sure if this is more of a win for me or those having to share the road with me.
  7. Discovering your package was delivered a day early.
  8. Him liking your photo on Instagram.
    From 20 mins ago? Solid. From 5 days ago? You are winning AT EVERYTHING.
  9. When the kid you're babysitting spits up and you get it ALL on the burp rag.
  10. Almond butter with an apple.
    Because you need something to spread it on.