Things I think you should NEVER hesitate on.
  1. Making a left turn.
    Just. Fucking. Go.
  2. Merging onto a highway.
    See "Making a left turn"
  3. Ending things with a guy when it gets confusing.
    I don't care how beautiful he is. It's never worth the emotional turmoil that mixed signals give you.
  4. Eating that donut.
    You're going to gain more weight stressing about eating it than you will if you actually eat it. Just eat the damn thing.
  5. Taking a parking spot in Hollywood.
    I don't care if it's 20 blocks from where you need to be. You just spotted a unicorn. Cherish it.
  6. Performing your heart out at karaoke.
    Otherwise you'll make everyone else feel just as uncomfortable as you do standing up there.
  7. Saying hi to the guy at the bar
    If shit gets really embarrassing? You'll have a really funny story to tell.
  8. Acting on anything out of love.
  9. Calling your mom.
    My mom always shits bricks when I call her before she does (leaving me a voicemail AND a text. Just in case.). You give your mom the gift of letting her know that her child actually thinks she's pretty cool AND you get to vent to your mama about whatever it is that's going on in your life. Win-Win.
  10. Moving out when you don't like your living arrangement.
    If you are infuriated because you can't sleep with the lingering scent of salmon due to your roomie making salmon quiche at 11pm again, it's time to go.