Today is Memorial Day. Meaning malls have sales big enough to almost pay for the gas you'll use on the drive over there. I was ready. Although I came out of it with some pretty solid items, here's what didn't make the cut.
  1. A single handmade chocolate truffle shaped as a duck. Price: $18.
    Eighteen. Dollars.
  2. A mini eraser shaped like the cutest owl I had ever seen. Price: $4.50
    Although practical, I would have rather spent that $4.50 on a less-fancy handmade truffle.
  3. One of the softest stuffed animals I had ever felt. Price: $22.50
  4. Boyfriend Jeans. Price: only $10!
    I think they were actually jeans three sizes too big that I was trying to pull off as "boyfriend jeans".
  5. A glass unicorn to be used as a ring holder. Price: $16.50
    Had a gold horn and everything.
  6. Lightning Bolt Blue Trucker Hat. Price: $5
    Trucker hats WILL come back in style.