Inspired by @CarolynH
  1. Dairy Queen
    I remember thinking that I would get sick of ice cream and become a thin person who craves vegetables. This did not happen. I used to eat pecans dipped in chocolate, and then go back to the grill and wrap French fries in bacon. There was also an employee discount.
  2. YMCA Lifegaurd
    I decided to work as a lifeguard because I wanted a good tan and some weight loss motivation. I got monster tan lines and lost no weight, but it was okay. I remember one time, our boss threw a staff party for all the guards. I wasn't crazy about the idea of a pool party at the gross place where I worked nonstop, but then I saw it- the giant inflatable Viking ship. We regressed into 8year olds: sliding, jumping, bouncing, so much laughing. It sticks out in my memory as a moment of real joy.
  3. Summer camp drama team
    We unrolled Swiss cake rolls and put hot n spicy Vienna sausages in the middle, then re-rolled them. Students at the summer camp had to eat these things for some reason that I was never really sure of. I'm sorry campers.
  4. The News Leader
    I travelled to Pennsylvania for a story on the gas and oil industry. Fracking was moving into our part of Ohio, and so I went with members of the local Farm Bureau to see what gas and oil towns looked like after the initial boom. Spent the day in the middle seat of a truck between two men I'd never met. They let me control the radio. I had been working at the newspaper for less than a week and didn't know what fracking was. Long long day.
  5. SoHi sandwiches
    I started working at SoHi as a ray of sunshine, and quickly learned that the world of grilled sandwiches is not for the faint of heart. I mostly remember smelling like an onion constantly.
  6. Voice of America
    My boss, my producer and I went to the Council on Foreign Relations to hear George Clooney and John Prendergast talk about Sudan. My producer brought a plastic piggy bank in hopes that George Clooney would sign it (because he has an affinity for potbellied pigs, my producer told me). At the end of the press conference, she approached Clooney with the pig. He took it and said "thanks, I love pigs," then walked away. We couldn't decide if this was awesome or a huge disappointment.
  7. The Alliance Review newspaper
    I was driving to meet the sheriff and interview him for a story about the latest crack down on speeding in 20 mph school zones. On the way, I was pulled over by a sheriff's deputy for speeding in front of an elementary school. The deputy gave me a warning but threw in a chiding, "just so you know, I called the sheriff to tell him why you'll be late." It made for an awkward interview.
  8. Starbucks
    I was flipped off by a woman who was (standing) in the drive-thru. We put foam on her caramel macchiato, so she marched back through the drive-thru line on foot to yell about it. She also threw the bird at the cars who honked their horns while she yelled. Lady was having an angry day.
  9. My church
    I worked in student ministry, mostly spending time with students but also doing planning and administrative tasks. For every trip we took, I was in charge of students' medicines. I forgot/lost the medicine nearly every time.
  10. Substitute teaching
    I never expected to have to say, "Joey put down that ukelele," during math class or "Boys stop bench pressing her she needs to sing with the altos" in choir. Both happened while teaching high school.
  11. Counselor
    Most of my stories from this job are heavy and confidential. But I may or may not have had a hypothetical client say this recently: "I don't have a drinking problem because I've been drinking and driving for years and this the first time I've been caught."