Celebrating 2016

Spent some time thinking through 2016 and jotted down things worth celebrating. Here are some highlights of the year, coupled with unflattering selfies.
  1. Cooking more!
    I started actually cooking meals for myself, family, and friends in 2016. I no longer apologize and ask questions every time I step into the kitchen. Small wins.
  2. Graduation!
    I graduated with my Masters and passed my counseling licensure exam.
  3. The best roadtrip!
    Drove with a best friend from Albuquerque to LA and had the most amazing time. Grand Canyon at sunrise was definitely a highlight 🏜
  4. Babies!
    So many of my beautiful friends had beautiful babies in 2016.
  5. Brain progress!
    It was a good year for my therapist and I 🏆Hooray for personal growth!
  6. My parents are cooler than ever!
    It was a good year for these two as well. They're mentoring fifth graders and I'm super proud of them.
  7. Learned about bravery!
    That's right! I tried some things that required risk, and learned that I can survive uncomfortable circumstances and even heartbreak.
  8. Chicago and Hamilton!
    One of my amazing friends gifted me tickets to Hamilton and a weekend in Chicago ❤✨
  9. A big move!
    My housemates and I moved into a beautiful home.
  10. Blogging!
    I've always identified as a writer but hadn't written consistently or publicly in a long time. I started blogging again late this year, and I actually told people about its existence.
  11. I'm still planning/dreaming/scheming for 2017, but I'm feeling pretty good about the possibilities!