Don't watch these movies ever 😭

Avoid these unless you want to spend the day crying. I reviewed some sad movies with my roommate recently. The f-bombs belong to her. This is our list of most sadistic painful tearjerkers.
  1. Best of Me
    When the old man says, 'you're my boy.' I can. not. handle it. Could one more thing possibly go wrong in this movie?
  2. P.S. I love you
    Don't make me fall in love with someone who is already dead.
  3. 7 Pounds
    What's the name of that movie? Something about the weight of the fucking organs.
  4. My Girl
    Child gets stung by bees to death. Enough said.
  5. One day
    That's a load of bull shit. One day she gets hit by a fucking bus.
  6. Marley and Me
    Ugh can't stop crying and I don't even like dogs.