Once a week I sit at Starbucks with some of my best girlfriends. We talk about life and God and suffering and hope. Tonight we started thinking about how much harder and messier our lives would be without hope and the strength that it brings. Here's the list that followed:
  1. "I'd probably be a bit of a bitch."
  2. "I'd be a douche-bag for sure. Maybe in the gutter somewhere smoking something to deal with life."
  3. "I'd still be on my childhood bedroom floor rocking and back forth. I never would have gotten up"
  4. "I'd probably be much meaner."
  5. "I'd be a thug. I'd be straight up shankin' and strealing your shit. Or I'd be a chronic shoplifter."
  6. "Oh I'd be a Gold-digger. Striving for trophy wife status."
  7. "I'd be working a lot and getting at dudes."
  8. "I'm too awkward to be skanky."
  9. "Yeah I'm too tall for it."
  10. "I'd be clubbing it up with Mallory."
  11. "It's a good thing we have hope."