Watched the Cavs change history in my living room with friends. There were screams and stats discussions, but also these excellent quotes:
  1. "Oh Kyrie, I could make him a pie. I just want to have him over for dinner."
  2. "Cry Varejao, cry."
  3. "Wow he's got such little ears. Look at those. I knew he was compensating for something."
  4. "Not a foul, it was consensual."
  5. "Cross court passes? Did you learn that in middle school?"
  6. "I'm going to keep watching Orange is the New Black so they win."
  7. "He's got big arms. Big arms that can't shoot!!"
  8. "Wanna hear something tension-relieving? I used to think the Cavs were the Calves."
  9. "I think I might die."
  10. "This is the best night of my life."
  11. "Someone give the coach a hug. Oh my gosh I'm crying. LeBron won't stop crying."
  12. Congrats Cavs, we love you. Thanks for recharging NE Ohio and giving us all something to be proud of! 🎉