A takeaway of the Pew Research Centers Social Media Update for 2016.
  1. Slow & steady doesn't always win...
    Roughly 79% of internet users take to Facebook while 32% utilize Instagram, 24% flock to Twitter, 31% pin it up with Pinterest and 29% network on LinkedIn. Facebook successful rise is contributed to the flock of older adults taking to the social media site.
  2. Closing the Generation Gap
    As nearly 8 in 10 Americans now use Facebook, popularity for the site rose 14% in usage with online adults ages 65+, jumping from 48% in 2015 to 62% in 2016.
  3. Frequency & Retention
    Yes, Facebook holds boasting rights to being the most popular social media platform (roughly 76% report using the site daily, up 6% from 2015's report of 70%), but Instagram and Twitter boast 51% & 42% daily return respectively. You will note that, while Pinterest claims a higher user percentage vs Twitter, this audience is less likely to return on a daily basis.
  4. Social Dispersion
    Roughy 56% of adults online admittedly utilize more than one of the five social media platforms. This statistic relatively lacks growth from 2014, climbing only 4% in two years. Elaborating further, 88% of Facebook users are reported to indicate it is the one site they utilize. However, 93% of twitter users indicate utilizing Facebook with 95% of Instagramers following & 92% of Pinterest users following as well.
  5. Outside the Box... Into a Smaller One
    Outside social media sites, roughly 29% of smartphone owners take to WhatsApp or Kik, 24% use messaging apps that delete sent messages automatically and 5% utilize apps that allow for anonymity in chatting or posting comments (I.e YikYak). Where Facebook saw a rise in older adults, these types of apps remain most popular with younger users.
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