Going back and thinking about this makes it really interesting looking at what I'm doing right now.
  1. Age 4: Jedi.
  2. Age 5: Astronaut
    Also duh.
  3. Age 7: President
    My 2nd Grade teacher was my first vote. Thanks, Mr. Breon.
  4. Age 8: Meteorologist
    I was just really good at doing impressions of the late night Weather Channel forecasters.
  5. Age 9-11: Archaeologist
    I was really into dinosaur bones and mummies. Then I realized they got paid on commission.
  6. Age 12-13: Forensic Scientist
    I'm thinking this might have been because I really liked bad David Caruso puns.
  7. Age 14-15: Biochemist
    I liked diseases and not the people that died from them. Dead bodies freak me out.
  8. Age 16-17: Music Teacher
    And then I realized that jobs are hard to find.
  9. Age 18-19: History Teacher
    Old dead things are cool (as long as I don't have to touch dead bodies).
  10. Age 20-22: Historian/Museum Staff
    ...but I still got my teaching degree at age 21. Reinventing yourself isn't always bad.